How to make money from tiktok

Hello my friends what if I told you that make money from tiktok is very simple, if you just give me five minutes of your time I will show you six steps of stretegy how you can make thousands of dollars by using tiktok.

In just five minutes you will learn strategy how Janatar Mantra, Thomas Garret and other people is making thousands of dollars just by creating 15 seconds videos from tiktok.

Step 1: Creating Profile:

In the first step you have to download tiktok application and create your own profile. This process may take approximately 15 seconds and the whole process may take approximately 10-15 seconds.

So this is very fast and simple, creating your profile may be takes 10-20 seconds and then you add some relevant profile and you are good to go.

Step 2: Decide what you want to talk about:

In this step you just decide the topic that you want to talk on titok and actually you do not even need to talk.

If you do not know one you can just add text and even you do not want to show your face, there are many different ways you can make money from tiktok.

But when you are choosing the topic for your profile I recommended you to choose something that you are interested in something that you are passionate is about for something that you want to share for the world.

Step 3: Watch other profile that have videos on same topic:

In the third step of make money from tiktok, you have to watch other profile that have videos on same topic.

For example if your profile is about Motivational then watch other motivational videos then take a took at this videos that are getting most views for them and write down some ideas that they are using in their videos and implement it on your videos.

Step 4: Leave a Link in your Profile:

In this step you just leave a to your profile with this link you are actually going to earn money.

You can leave a link for example to your youtube channel, blog post, website and others social media like facebook page, instagram etc.

You can also leave a affiliate link for amazon, flipkart with this you can earn money when people will shop by using your link from amazon.

For example a person is talking about history and he has left link for his YouTube channel and now people were come to his YouTube channel he can start earning money with video ads and also he can sells his history course also.

So, there are many different ways to make money with tiktok just leave some relevant link with that link you can able to make money from tiktok and this process is called affiliate marketing.

Step 5: Shoot Your First Vidoes:

Shooting your first videos is very simple because you have already seen how other people shoot their videos on tiktok.

I just recommended you to watch relevant topic video how other people is shooting their videos and implement it on your videos.

Remember your first video do not need to be perfect , your first 100 videos do not need to be perfect simply published your first videos, second videos and you can improve as the time goes on.

Step 6: Published the Videos on Tiktok:

Publishing your first video is very exciting now before you publishing your first video I will recommend you to add some background music to your videos that will boost your views and people will click on like and they will share your videos with their friends and also add some hashtage in your videos description.

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