Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020

Hello my friends today I will show you seven companies that are always hiring for work from home jobs.

You can do most of these jobs worldwide and you can get started for 100% free and these are all reliable companies most of these are billion-dollar companies.

They have been operating for years and thousands of people all around the world from United States, Europe, India, philippe’s, Nigeria have made money by using these jobs.

Let’s Start with Our Best Work From home jobs List:

1. LionBridge: The first company in our list is called LionBridge. This company was founded back in 1996 so almost 25 years ago.

They are all the time hiring for many different kinds of work from home jobs at the moment.

They have more than 6000 employees in many many different countries with LionBridge you can actually do many kinds of jobs depending on your qualifications and your passion and your interest.

They are doing all kinds of content creation everything related to linguistics or translation services and all this kind of stuff.

They are also providing testing services for their clients and all those services that they provide for the client.

They need somebody to do they are also providing all services like artificial intelligence so there are many interesting jobs available in LionBridge.

2. FlexJobs: The Second Company on our work from home jobs list is FlexJobs.

This is a little bit different than the other ones in this list but I still wanted to mention it because it’s great if you are looking for work from home jobs.

It’s actually a huge platform there are thousands and thousands of different work from home options so companies that are looking for employees and freelancers for they work from home jobs.

The companies post their jobs here, so there are thousands of options and you can search here for suitable jobs for you and again here all jobs available in any country.

Basically in FlexJobs platforms people who are looking for work from home jobs and companies they connect with each other.

3. Sitel: The third company on our work from home jobs list is Sitel. It is a billion-dollar company and even bigger than LionBridge. They have more than 80000 employees in many countries.

You can get started and earn even two or three thousand dollars per month when you get started. It depends on your location and your qualifications.

They have many different kinds of jobs but many of them are like customer service AIDS and so customer service representatives in other words.

You will be answering customers questions so for example when they call you will be answering with your headset you will be answering their questions so basically what you will need is a computer or a laptop then internet connection and some sort of headsets.

So the equipment requirements are not high and again there are many different kinds of jobs if you are native speaker of Phoenix.

4. WayFair: The fourth company on our work from home jobs list is WayFare.

This may be the biggest company now list in 2019 their revenue was more than nine billion dollar it’s again a huge company.

They have headquarters in Europe in Berlin and also in the United States in Boston and they are hiring for many different types of jobs.

They offering jobs for engineering and technology, business and operations, sales and services, distributing and warehousing of course you may understand.

If you want to work in the warehouse and distributor those ones are not specifically working from home jobs but for example sales or customer service that may be done remotely unless you know when you are doing things remotely.

They are very flexible you can work even in your underwear like at home be relaxed and make money this way.

You can be many different locations so you already know these benefits when working from home.

5. MicroWorker: Fifth company on our work from home jobs list is MicroWorker.

This is a little bit different than the other ones in our list because many of those jobs they may require some previous experience or some qualifications in order to earn some money.

But with MicroWorker you can get started without any prior experience anywhere in the world even in the Philippines anywhere in the world.

These websites you have been able to make money for years already they are called pre co-workers and my coworkers on this website you will be able to do so-called micro jobs.

If you are living in a country where the cost of living is not so high you may make even a living in these job sites but in order to do that you of course need to work more but personally I don’t really recommend number 5 for making money.

6. Conduent: The Sixth company on our work from home jobs list is called Consumer. It’s a multi-billion dollar company they have tens of thousands of employees all around the world.

They are offering many different jobs there are basically all the time hundreds of different job opportunities available in this company.

Some of them are remote jobs so you can work from home, some of them are in office so you would need to go to a specific location when you approach these jobs for example in condo end or for example with other ones in the list.

I would recommend that you start from the point like what skills do you already have what qualifications you already have or what is your passion and then start looking for those kind of jobs obviously.

If you already have experience for example with accounting search for accounting jobs in condo and if you have a customer service experience and you love that search for customer service jobs in conduits.

If you have experience with engineering like programming then look for those kinds of jobs because then you of course have much higher chances for getting higher it.

You can earn even more money because it’s something specific instead of just hey I just want some job look for something specific that you already know.

7. Xerox: The seventh company on our work from home jobs list is Xerox.

It’s the oldest company in our list because it was created more than 100 years ago and during the last three decades some of their employees have been working from home.

You can do jobs such as customer support, data entry, software programming, system development so many different kinds of jobs.

The benefit for Xerox and many other companies in this list is that when they hire you working from home they don’t need to pay expensive rents.

You don’t need to do commuting so there are benefits for you and also for the company that’s why Xerox and many others in this list.

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