How to make money by listening music

Hello my friends in this blog post I’m going to share with you how you can make money by listening music.

I’m going to share you not only one or two or three I’m going to share with you four websites that pay you real money by listening to music that pay you up to twelve dollars per one song.

How to make money by listening music:

So Let’s Start:

1. RadioEarn: The first websites on our make money by listening music list is called RadioEarn.

You can make money upto $12 each song, I like this website because they pay real money and I have a payment proof that I have payout with PayPal.T

Steps to Create Account on RadioEarn:

  • Sign up and create our account it’s 100% free.
  • Log in and then you will simply start listening to radio.
  • Every 15 minutes you will get some points.
  • when you have enough points you can convert those points in the following month so in the next month.

By the way I don’t get paid from this website I just saw this to you as different ways to earn money online but this is not sponsored or anything I’m not affiliated with this website.

If you want to earn a lot of money you need to do something that most people cannot do and if most people can listen to the radio it means is it too easy the earning potential is very low.

2. MusicX-ray: The Second website on our make money by listening music is called MusicX-Ray.

This website has also been around already for a long time I think I reviewed this for the first time in 2016 or 2017 two or three years ago.

If you want to make money by this website then visit sign-up and choice your music preferences.

Based on your choose MusicX-ray will provide you best music to listen and start making money.

The best things in MusicX-ray that I really like is that you do not need to listen complete music to making money from music.

The basic works on MusicX-ray is you just need to give the reviews and feedback and you will help those music artists to improve their music.

MusicX-ray works middleman between a music artist and a music reviewer of music professional and then the music artist he pays some money for the music x-ray that gives you a part of the money.

3. Slicethepie: The third website on our make money by listening music is called Slicethepie.

It is the largest paid music company ever and it can be true. If you want to know the reviews of this company then you will find thousands of reviews on internet.

You can see that it’s available on Apple Store it’s also available on Google Play Store and they also have a website however able to mention that their website is not available around the world.

You can sign up instantly using your Facebook or Google account or even SoundCloud account or even traditionally sign up here.

In this website you earn money using the similar strategy like music extreme. So music artists will submit their songs there and then you will listen to them.

You need to listen around 90 seconds on music extra you need to listen as far as I remember only 30 seconds from the beginning of the song.

You have to give feedback or review for the music artist and the better reviews you give the more money you can potentially earn and that’s how it works.

4. PlaylistPush: The fourth website on our make money by listening music is called PlaylistPush. It is the best of these websites and that pays you the most money out of this four.

However a big requirement that you need to fulfill before making money from this website.

  • You need at least 1000 followers.
  • You need a playlist that people enjoying to listen.

You can make upto $12 for each song that they listen. PlaylistPush pays weekly. You can withdraw your money with PayPal without facing any problems.

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